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Electrical Panels

Is your home’s electrical system easily handling your daily demands? If you’re noticing flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers or hear buzzing sounds, your system might need an upgrade.

RAM Electric’s certified electricians will troubleshoot your electrical problems and provide a quick solution. Your home’s electrical panel may not be equipped to handle the high electrical demands of your family, so it’s possible you might need an upgrade.

The circuit breaker is part of your home’s electrical system and helps distribute power to various areas of your home. Circuit switches can deteriorate over time, causing them to trip when overloaded. This happens when too much power is demanded through one circuit.

This troubleshooting analysis may show that dedicated circuits are a good idea for major appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators. These can easily cause circuit breakers to overload. We can install these dedicated circuits to improve the function of your entire home electrical system.

Contact us at Ram Electric to schedule a complimentary professional consultation. We’ll determine the source of the problem, recommend the best electrical repair solution and provide you with a competitive estimate.