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Circuit breaker on the fritz? Can’t figure out why that electrical outlet doesn’t work? Looking for a reliable electrician to help you plan your room renovation or home addition?

Whether your electrical problem is large or small, the certified electricians at RAM Electric will solve it for you! At RAM Electric, we’ve provided trustworthy electrical services to the greater Pittsburgh, PA area for over 50 years. Our employees have more than 150 years of total experience in solving home electrical challenges of all kinds.

We’ll start by consulting with you to help troubleshoot the problem. Or, if you’re planning to renovate a room or add on to your home, we’ll guide you through the electrical needs of your home project. Here are just a few of the home electrical challenges we’ll resolve for you:

Electrical Systems & Panels

Is your home’s electrical system easily handling your daily demands? If you’re noticing flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers or hear buzzing sounds, your electrical system might need an upgrade. Read More >

Electrical Repairs & Installations

Over time, things wear out and need replaced. Maybe it’s a simply a wall outlet or a light switch. While it’s popular to try to replace or repair these yourself, asking a professional electrician to handle these is the safest way to go. The same is true for installing new outlets and switches. New homes and additions require the expertise of electrical contractors to ensure your new home wiring is installed to meet building codes. Read More >

Lighting Fixtures & Home Enhancements

Lighting is essential to your home’s ambiance and personal comfort. So are things like ceiling fans. Read More >